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ECig Products
ECig Products
We have many great products. We sell atomizers, cartridges, eliquid, starter kits and more. Check out our products page for more information.
ELiquid Flavors
ELiquid Flavors
We’re proud to carry over one hundred flavors from several different vendors. We don’t mix any eliquids at our shop and we have cultivated a personal relationship with each of our vendors so that we can rest in the knowledge that the eliquids that we supply to our customers are manufactured with the highest standards so that you get the quality and consistency that you should expect each time. Visit our ELiquids Page to see our full list!
MN Vapers Advocacy
MN Vapers Advocacy
ECig Lounge is a proud partner with the Minnesota Vapers Advocacy group. We fight for your rights to vape freely throughout Minnesota. Check out more about them at
Ecig Lounge proudly sells NicVape brand ejuices in a huge variety of flavors and nicotine levels. Come by our shop today to sample some of our flavors.
E-Liquid Flavors

Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase or sample

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Come stop by the lounge and play on the newest addition to the family Nintendo Wii ...

☆ Welcome to the Lounge family another great line of premium liquids Fu-Man Brews!
Flavor chasers are going to want to try these well balanced liquids, sure to be a flavor for everyone. ☆

Live shot from the Lounge and preparing for today's release of Blackbeard's newest flavor "1213" hope to see you all soon!! (3 photos) ...

☆☆Mini Freakshow☆☆ ...


Hello everybody, I'm Gunner Schwanke the manager at Ecig Lounge in Waite Park just letting everyone know that..

Ecig Lounge in Waite Park is throwing it's first ever Cloud Competition This Saturday at 4:00 PM! This competition will be based off of Density and Distance, and will be fueled by 100% VG. This will be a regulated or mechanical comp(whichever you prefer), and there are some regulations to ensure the safety of everyone attending, here are the Rules :
1. Must be 18 years of age or older to be part of this event.
2. You MUST be running a safe build, that means the judges must be able to look at your build and tell that it's safe, each build will be tested upon starting the competition, the lowest you can run is a 0.15 build. You must be running single coils, dual coils, or parallels. No exemption.
3. You must be running a high drain battery/s, this includes:
(1. Vtc4's or 5's
(2.35a Purple Efest
(3.Samsung 25r
(4. LG Red's.
Batteries Will be inspected upon starting Contest!
4. You must call into the store and enter either by contacting the store and entering, or signing up in store before Saturday, April 11th at 4:30
To call into the store and sign up, call 320-774-1523.
Contact Me for more details!
Before the Cloud Competition,
We will be having a release party at 4:00pm for Blackbeard's new flavor 1213! Feel free to stop by and enjoy some samples of yet another marvelous flavor created by Matt Black!

Prizes will include:
1st place: Sigelei 150w, and the full line of Blackbeards liquid.

2nd place: Turbo rda, A bottle of your choice from the Blackbeards line and a bottle of 1213!

3rd place: Arctic sub ohm tank, and a bottle of 1213!

We hope to see everyone here!

About ECig Lounge

We established the ECig Lounge to be a place where people in the vaping community could come together to relax, socialize, vape, enjoy live entertainment, as well as get any of the vaping products they need. At the ECig Lounge, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you have any questions or comments please contact us. We will get back to you in a timely manner.

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Do you drive a semi truck?

If you drive a semi truck and enjoy vaping we have great news. We have full access to all size trucks, including semi’s. We hear from loyal customers all the time how helpful it is to them that they have access with their semi’s. Come in today for all your vaping needs!